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The journey to beautiful, healthy, radiant skin begins in the waters of southern Spain, at our private sanctuary,
veta la palma
the destination
Veta la Palma, our preserve located in southern Spain, is one of the largest, most important sustainable sanctuaries in the world. Over 250 different species of birds feed in its abundant waters.
the question
We observed that some species, like the Flamingo,  fly 150 miles every day to feed on the marine life in our preserve. What would compel this daily journey? Why Veta la Palma?

There must be something in the water.
the research
With exclusive access to the sanctuary from our nearby labs in Cadiz, Spain, RéjuvaSea scientists began to examine the marine life of Veta la Palma to better understand the powerful draw of its waters.
the discovery
The flamingos knew something we didn’t—our preserve was rich with marine phytoplankton, an extraordinary antioxidant and source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
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the breakthrough
Our scientists were able to isolate what is believed to be the world’s most potent strain of marine phytoplankton. This breakthrough in marine science marked the discovery of RéjuvaPlankton®, the sea’s most powerful antioxidant, found only in the waters of Veta la Palma.

Clinical studies proved RéjuvaPlankton® to have 6X more antioxidant power than the raspberry, 7X more than the blueberry and 9X more than the goji berry.
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the benefits
RéjuvaPlankton is clinically proven to have extraordinary benefits for the skin, with the power to repair damaged cells, increase skin hydration, improve skin clarity and repair skin elasticity.

This inspired us to create luxurious, effective, nutrient-rich skincare with the highest possible levels of our powerful antioxidant.
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the results
It’s just beneath the surface. Reveal the most beautiful, radiant you with skincare designed to smooth, brighten, hydrate and nourish while protecting against the signs of aging.

Discover your own transformation today.
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the preserve
In order to preserve the natural resources of Veta la Palma, our scientists replicated its nutrient-rich ecosystem at our research and development facility and designed an innovative method for sustainable harvesting of RéjuvaPlankton. Our sanctuary remains unspoiled and continues to inspire us with its natural beauty.

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